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WushuKicks.com News - is here to provide news and updates on all martial arts and wushu related happenings.

We might blog about recent wushu competitions or the latest martial arts kung fu movies that are hitting the big screens. Some other subjects that we talk about include: martial arts related shoes, movies, tutorials on wushu, tips on tricking, how to instruction on kicks and flips, wushu shoe reviews, wushu weapons discussions, sparring applications, fighting techniques, people and athletes in the martial arts community, and anything else we find interesting.

We hope are blogs is fun and informative! Feel free to leave us some comments and join in on the discussions.
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At WushuKicks we recognize that it is nearly impossible to find martial arts shoes or wushu shoes anywhere at your local malls or stores. Even if a shoe store offers a martial arts shoe, there is often no selection and no knowledgeable staff on hand with expertise in martial arts. It is even harder to find a high end customer service focused store that specialize in wushu supplies and equipment.

Buying shoes at WushuKicks.com will help improve your martial arts training. Whether it is your first time buying martial arts shoes or if you always train in martial arts shoes we can provide the expertise to provide you with the quality shoe for your needs. We offer a great selection of martial arts shoes suitable for all styles of martial arts. The shoes on our site have been researched and tested in actual trainings or competitions so we know which shoes are best to provide support, jump, or prevent injury.

When we sell wushu shoes / martial arts equipment we know what we are talking about so you can feel comfortable knowing that what you are buying is the best designed shoe or equipment for your training needs. Our founders have been training and competing in martial arts for over 10 years. They have officially represented respective national teams in the United States and China and medalled at international competitions. This experience and expertise goes into the decision making process of which shoes and products make it on WushuKicks.Com.