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US Wushu Team competes at 2010 Sport Accord Combat Games

Monday, August 30th, 2010
Alfred Hsing Sport Accord Combat Games

Alfred Hsing Sport Accord Combat Games

The US and Canada national teams were in attendance at the 2010 sport accord combat games held in Beijing China among many other countries such as Russia, China, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Japan. The US Team sent veteran wushu athletes Sarah Chang, Peter Dang, and Alfred Hsing.

Aug 28 Changquan Alfred Combat Games Wushu Competition

Aug 28 Changquan Alfred Combat Games Competition

Changquan was the first event of the entire Combat Games held at 9am on August 28th, 2010. There was significant media coverage and the event was in part sponsored by Samsung. US athlete Alfred Hsing was 2nd to take the stage. Hsing had a dominant performance that impressed the crowd, however minor technical deductions set his score back. Hsing says “I didn’t make any major mistakes and given that I have been focusing on work in Beijing the past 2-3 months I am pretty happy with my performance today. This will probably be my last major wushu tournament and I am glad I got to share it with my good friends and teammates in Beijing – the land of wushu and where I always dreamed I would be on the main stage competing in front of hundreds. My dreams as a wushu athlete were finally completed today.”

Alfred Hsing Longfist – 2010 Sport Accord Combat Games

Alfred Hsing Athlete Interview with (in Mandarin Chinese)

Other notable achievements were made by US team member Peter Dang who took 3rd in the staff competition beating worthy adversaries such as Russia and 2 other Asian countries. In attendance this trip was US team leader Li Su Dong who has in prior years organized Junior and National Wushu Team Trials.

13 Combat Games Ambassadors

13 Combat Games Ambassadors

In addition the Opening Ceremony held on the evening of the 28th spared no expense as a dazzling display of physical prowess and beautiful music filled the stadium main floor. 13 Ambassadors for each sport were in attendance – among the ambassadors were Don “the dragon” Wilson, mma fighter Fedor “the last emperor” Emelianenko, Jet Li, and many other legends of martial arts. The final closing song of the evening was sung by Jackie Chan who was surrounded by dancers and acrobats as the ceremony came to a close.

There are many more events such as kick boxing, sambo, jiu jitsu that are still occurring since the Combat Games just started. Look forward to these amazing sports broadcasts featured online.

How to do a 540 outside kick tutorial. Professional competition wushu style!

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Here is a how to tutorial on “how to do a 540 jump outside kick” or a “teng kong bai lian / TKBL” in wushu terms.

This tutorial was made in Taipei wushu sport training center by US Wushu Team member Alfred Hsing. Hope this helps your jumps and nandus! Jia you!

Look forward to more exclusive wushu tips and tutorials at !

China’s Changquan Representative for the 10th WWC Wushu World Championships

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Here is Yang Yu Hong from the Shanghai wushu team at a 2007 pre qualifier.

I hear he is competing for China at the Wushu World Games.

What do you guys think of Yang Yu Hong, Zhao Qing Jian, and Yuan Xiao Chao?

Wushu Inspiration – Good Wushu Pump Up Video

Monday, September 28th, 2009

It’s good to watch some wushu videos and wushu compilations when you need to get pumped up for training.


Song is by Story of the Year – Until the Die I Die

China Wushu Broadsword and Wushu Staff form during Beijing Wushu Team Training

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Brought to you exclusively from

2 wushu videos from the beijing wushu team training for China Wushu Competition Pre-qualifiers. These were recorded during my trip to China to train with the team in 2009.

Enjoy the wushu broadsword and wushu staff form!