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CMAT 18 is Today! – Annual Cal Martial Arts Tournament Starts at 8am

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The official CMAT 18 Tournament begins today! We will have top level traditional and contemporary wushu competitors hitting the competition floor today. There will be guest appearances by Beijing Wushu Team members Wu Di and Gao Jing.

This is one of, if not the biggest chinese martial art tournament in the United States. We hear there is a bumpin after party as well! =)

Stay tuned as brings you more coverage of the days events and results!

CMAT Trailer from derek cheung on Vimeo.

Sponsored Athletes

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

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Zhao Qing Jian Wushu Champion
Zhao Qing Jian Wushu Champion

Zhao Qing Jian – All China Games wushu champion, gold medalist at the World Wushu Championships as well as the 2008 Wushu Beijing Olympics Tournament. Qing Jian recounts his thoughts and stories on wushu- In China, we learn wushu not only for fighting, it’s also for your health and body fitness. We call this “Wu De”. Before, when I learnt the shaolin wushu, we also learnt how to dual. However, we can’t just learn one thing, we must take this change to learn more forms. You must learn many different forms, for example taiji, Bagua etc to try it out because every form is special in it’s own way. For example, right now I’m training long fist (changquan), and I continue training in changquan, so maybe I feel it’s because I like it much more. Other forms i also train in, but maybe I’ll train less in them because I like changquan more. Changquan is very handsome, looks very beautiful and grand. This is how I feel.

When I was 7, I learned the basics of martial arts, including basic changquan, some broad sword swordfight, and some jumping basics. Probably for a period of 3 years. Then I started competing and had to learn the regulatory forms for the youths. Then I went to Shaolin, and learnt the traditional shaolin quan, like ma bu, and other different forms. Then I went to Wuhan sports university, where I learned national regulatory chang quan mainly for competitions.

Alfred Hsing Wushu Champion
Alfred Hsing Wushu Champion

Alfred Hsing – Alfred Hsing 2009 World Wushu Champion of Jianshu/Straight Sword  is a member of the US Wushu Team, Pan American Games medalist, actor, stuntman, and martial arts instructor. Ranked #1 in the US in 2009- He placed first in long fist (chang quan) and straight sword (jian shu) along with taking second overall in Tai Chi (tai ji quan) and Tai Chi Sword (tai ji jian). He is also the first US wushu athlete to bring home a gold for wushu taolu at the World Wushu Championships. Alfred Hsing has practiced wushu for over 15 years. He knew he wanted to learn martial arts ever since he saw his first martial arts ‘wu xia’ movie. Alfred graduated from UCLA and is popularly known for his role as the Shaolin Weapons Expert on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior.

Wu Di Wushu Champion
Wu Di Wushu Champion

2008 Chinese National Spear Champion and 10th Wushu World Championships Gold Medalist – Wu Di started training wushu at a young age in the Liaoning province of China. After many years of hard work he eventually went on to join the Beijing Wushu Team and became Team Captain. He is a talented rising star of a new generation of wushu athletes. Along with his successful wushu career, he is also an accomplished singer, dancer, and actor.

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