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Think and Grow Rich ( in Martial Arts )

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Think and grow rich in.. speed, power, gold medals, etc.

Here is an underlying principle that will apply in all aspects of life- Just when you feel like giving up, DONT. Make sure to keep going and you will be sure to succeed.

It’s like I was told in cross country – “sprint up the hill, when others are walking” / “sprint passed the finish line, dont let up when you are 5 feet from the finish.”  If you follow these principles you will come out stronger and on top of your opponents.

In the last part of practice or competition everyone gets tired, but it is those who truck through and do not quit that succeed because it is right when you are getting hit the worst or feel most down on your luck that the prize you been fighting for is closest within reach.

Keep this in mind next time you feel exhausted and just fight through it a little bit longer and you will see what I am talking about.