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How to Lose 10 pounds and Tighten your body from the art of Wushu

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Wushu a Chinese Martial Arts from China is known for its grace and power in both performance and combat.

But.. what is something else that top Wushu Athletes have in common? They are all slim and well toned!

How do these athletes get in such shape that most males have bodies like Bruce Lee and the women have figures of a bowflex model?

Here is a list of reasons AND exercises you can do to get into such good shape!

1) Wushu focuses on repetition and light conditioning. This means that if you use lighter weights you will tighten up instead of bulking out.

2) Do at least 10-15 repetitive movements and maintain the same level of intensity each time. Try to do 10 front stretch kicks, 10 outside crescent kicks, and 10 inside crescent kicks. (You can look back at a previous how to article to see how to do a proper outside crescent kick) As a quick tip / reminder- keep your legs straight and kick straight up.

3) Jog for at least 10 minutes. In wushu you always warm up. This act of warming up begins the process of burning fat even though the goal is just to loosen up and get ready for your real wushu workout, it has the effect of getting your body ready to burn more fat and keep you thin and ready to do some flying kicks.

4) Stretch! How does this help me lose weight? When you stretch it increases the flow of blood and circulation. Also you may notice that just by pushing yourself a little while stretching you will work up a sweat. Stretching for about 7-8 minutes is good to prime your body for more weight loss. Do not over stretch and do not sit on the floor stretching for too long because it will cool you down and you want to stay active and sweating during your workout.

5) Rinse and repeat. After you run through some wushu forms or even just do some general conditioning, take a breather and then do it again. You should not take too long of a break if you want to optimize burning your fat. When your body is tired and needs something more to burn it will burn your fat so you want to keep on moving and not let your body rest too much during your workout!

Do the above 5 things over and over – plus┬ámake sure you always eat some good healthy food and you are guaranteed to lose pounds and tighten those arms, abs, legs, stomach, and look like a wushu athlete.