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Jackie Chan’s ‘Shinjuku Incident’ in Japan and China

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Jackie Chan‘s Shinjuku Incident, filmed last year in Japan and China, will premiere at this year’s Hong Kong International Film Festival (March 22 – April 13). The movie, produced by Emperor Dragon Movies and directed by Derek Yee, is a serious drama about a Chinese immigrant in Japan. Shinjuku Incident is scheduled to open in Hong Kong in early April.

Since Jackie wrapped filming of The Spy Next Door at the end of December, he has been back in China keeping very busy. On New Year’s Eve he joined friend Emil Chau to sing at a concert in Shanghai. Back in Beijing, he attended a press conference to announce that his 2005 film The Myth will be made into a television drama which will air in China and which Jackie will produce. Jackie said that he had thought about making a film sequel to The Myth, but felt that a television series would better be able to play out his many ideas for the story. At the ceremony, Jackie presented actor Hu Ge with one of General Meng Yi’s outfits from the movie. Hu Ge was surprised and honored at receiving such a valuable gift. Last year, one of these outfits was auctioned off in China to benefit Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Charity. Jackie announced that Police Story would be made into a television drama, also to air in China.

Jackie was joined by popular Mainland singers Tan Jing and Chang Shilei to record “Zhong Guo Nian”, a song for the Chinese New Year. Jackie said that he hoped the song would be a greeting to all the people of the world.

Finally, The Disciple finalists and winners (known as the New Little Fortunes) have recorded a special song just for Jackie. The title of the song, “Sifu” means “teacher.”  The group will sing the song to Jackie at a special Chinese New Year celebration sponsored by CCTV in Beijing at the end of January.

Filming for Jackie’s next movie is set to begin next month in China.

Hong Kong Actor Close Up: Jackie Chan

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Name: 成龍 / Cheng Long
English Name: Jackie Chan
Real Name: 陳港生 / Chan Kong-Sang
Profession: Actor, director, producer, and singer
Date of Birth: 1954-Apr-07
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Family: Wife, son/actor Jaycee Chan