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Wushu Training Tips from Beijing China and the Beijing Wushu Team!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Beijing Wushu Team WuDi

Beijing Wushu Team WuDi

Have you ever thought about going to China to train and learn wushu?

I am over here in China as I speak training in wushu.

The training is rigorous. We train 2 times a day. Usually once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes the coach switches it up and training is in the afternoon.

Most days training consists of basic kicks and going through your competition form (aka taolu), but some days the athletes need to relax a little and they play some sports or games to focus on conditioning. It can get boring to train the SAME exact thing 365 days a week! Other days we focus on speed training, weight training, or endurance training by going to the gym or track.

Now here are a few important tips about the trip itself. Try to bring currency both US and chinese RMB (ren men bi) BEFORE you come to China. It is a hassle to exchange or withdraw money when you are here. It’s not impossible, but you often need to have a passport or other forms of identification. Then you also end up waiting in long foreign exchange lines. (This just happened to me!)
Do not try to be clever and bring “travelers cheques” because no one accepts them or FEW places do and then you end up going to the bank and exchanging them anyways. Bottom line? Come with enough RMB for at least half if not all your trip (depending on how long you stay.)

How long should you stay? Well I think 3-4 weeks is enough for most people. If you are training hard.. that is a reasonable toll on your body and you will see some significant improvement. If you want to learn about more than just wushu and you want to study chinese and the culture, than thats another subject entirely.

Wushu Coaching – Go to wherever you might know someone or have a referal. You might be coming to China for the experience, but you still want to have good coaching. If you end up with a coach that doesn’t care about you, then you are losing out the full value of your trip. You might as well just spend that money on a good coach in the US who can offer you private lessons!

Methods of training – Don’t get too excited when you are here and injure yourself or over exhaust yourself. KNOW your limits and push yourself, but stay injury free and you will get the most out of your trip.

Other than that, its a great environment to improve because you will around so many high quality athletes, that naturally it will inspire you to improve and up your wushu level to reach theirs!