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Top 5 Wushu Chinese Martial Arts Weapons of 2008

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Here are the top 5 prominent wushu weapons to use, have, own, practice, and fight with.

1) Broadsword!

Wushu Broadsword from

Wushu Broadsword from

How could you not like a weapon that hacks people and looks so fierce and manly? This weapon of choice became a recent favorite of mine after competing in Korea in broadsword for the first time. It is also China national mens all china games champion Zhao Qing Jian’s weapon of choice.

Here is our broadword video. Get one so you can practice and compete like the pros.

2) Straightsword

Wushu Straightsword from

Wushu Straightsword from

The gentelman’s weapon. Wielded by Jet Li or “Wu Ming” (Nameless) in the movie Hero, the straight sword exemplifies grace, precision, and form.

See straightsword in competition by gold medalist of the 2008 Cal Martial Arts Tournament.

3) Spear

Wushu Spear from

Wushu Spear from

Straight sword vs. Spear video


They say that it takes a year to learn staff, but a life time to master spear. Spear has its roots and traditions dated back thousands and thousands of years ago. It is also said that the hair on the spear means many things. Red hair means that you are more of a beginner because the blood of your enemies is freshly stained, but if you have darker spear hairs then it would mean you area more seasoned warrior. White spear hair means that you are out for revenge and are intending to make the hairs on your spear red with the blood of your enemy.

That said, if you watch the clip of Donnie Yen vs. Jet Li in Hero, you can see how wicked a weapon spear can be. It is definitely a weapon that requires practice and more practice to wield properly.

4) 9 Section Whip Chain

Wushu Whip Chain

Wushu Whip Chain

From the flexible weapon corner, the 9 section whip chain is compact yet has deadly reach and impact. Shaolin Monks in olden times used this as one of their many weapons they would train with.

When you can whip people around from all sides and look cool at the same time, you definitely make our top 5 list. Also, in some demonstrations, fire is added to the end for an even more intense demo.

See here a demonstration by a shaolin martial arts monk.


5) Wushu Staff

Wushu Staff

Wushu Staff

Top 5 wushu weapons would have to include staff. This weapon was the specialized weapon of the Ancient mythological character The Monkey King. The Monkey King’s staff weighed hundreds of pounds and could grow or shrink to various sizes.

See the staff in use portrayed in The Forbidden Kingdom


There you have it. ‘s Top 5 Weapons of Choice for wushu training and combative use.

Wushu broadsword, straightsword, spear, 9 section whip chain, and staff!

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