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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

white and gold budosagas is making an order for the budosaga wushu shoes this month.

These are the shoes that most athletes including myself compete in.. and they are comfortable for training. Once you wear them you will probably know what I mean. They are made of leather, lighter than feiyues, and slap louder.

They don’t really sell them in most places and most people who have them bring them back from China. We are making an order this week so if there are any custom colors (ie: red/gold, white/gold, white/silver, black/silver, white/white – those are your main choices) that you want you can go according to your feiyue shoe size order them on the website on the link above. You can put in the note section if you want any custom color that is not listed as an option. Red and gold is my favorite color combo.

I personally really like these shoes for both wushu training and competition and just wanted to let you all know so if you wanted custom colored shoes to match your competition silks now is a good time to get them. Make a fresh start to your new year of 2010 wushu training!

* I may be able to get really custom colors like gold, yellow, or blue, but those probably cost double. Please email for this level of customization.

Alfred Hsing
2009 World Wushu Champion

budosaga wushu shoes

budosaga wushu shoes

WushuKicks Exclusive Interview with Alfred Hsing World Wushu Championships Gold Medalist

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
alfred hsing gold medalist at world wushu championships

alfred hsing gold medalist at world wushu championships

These are the full responses to interview questions for Alfred Hsing (First US Wushu Taolu Gold Medalist at the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto, Canada) posed by Kung Fu Magazine in Q & A form exclusive at

Let’s start the Q&A –

How did you train for competition?

It was actually very tough to train for this competition. I think a
lot of other US wushu team members would agree that after the US Team
Trial competition you feel a little burnt out from training. I trained
as intense as I possibly could to ensure I could make the US team
because making the US wushu team has been a lifelong dream of mine.
After 3-4 months of rigorous training when you make the team, you
realize you have to keep it up for another 4-5 months. Imagine running
a 26.2 mile marathon but right when you approach the finish line, you
are told you have to run another 26.2 miles non stop. That’s how I

Training for this competition became more of a mental challenge than a
physical struggle. I was already at the peak of my physical skill
level in terms of being able to perform the difficulty moves like 540
outsides, butterfly twist to tornado kick, and so on. Also, at the
time I was training for worlds I had a full time job, my own side
business, and classes to teach so it was very tiring getting myself to

I usually train by myself and it gets very boring sometimes. Something
that helped me the most was training with people who are excited about
wushu as well. When others are excited it helps to keep you motivated.
Also training with people who are at an elite level is also motivating
and it pushes you to want to do better.

In training for the World Championships I knew that there would be no
room for mistakes so I practiced focusing on perfection. Perfect
speed, perfect difficulty moves, perfect stances, everything. I did
not hit everything all the time, but whenever I would mess up on a
jump or spin or kick I wouldn’t let myself go until I re-did it and
did a clean successful one. Every time I practiced a full form, I
would pretend it was the real thing – that this was the ONE that
counted. We train so many hours and years just for that 1 minute and
20 seconds on the carpet which is why it is so important to over train
your abilities to the point where you could do all the moves 10 times
perfectly in your sleep.

What was it like to win the medal? What do you think of your performance at
the medal-winning event? What feelings did you have before, during, and
after the event?

Winning the medal was everything I dreamed it would be. It was also a
little unreal that such a big dream became a reality so fast. It’s a
little bittersweet that I don’t get to wake up chasing that big dream
anymore, but it just means I have to set bigger goals.

I am absolutely proud of my performance in my medal winning event. In
fact I am happy with all of my events. The day of my events I did not
think about medals or places. I just wanted to give my best possible
performance and enjoy the moment and I did that so I have no regrets.

A lot of people said it would be impossible to win a gold medal at the
World Wushu Championships, but the few people who didn’t know much
about wushu that said “go for the gold” made me think that it was
possible. I adjusted my mindset a few weeks before the competition and
felt that it was achievable. When you don’t believe you can do it of
course you won’t be able to.

Before my actual event I was relatively calm. I put in my time
training and I was prepared. I came to do my best and wasn’t competing
with anyone else there except myself so there was nothing else to do
but wait for my turn. After I finished my form I felt really good. I
knew I nailed everything. My score came out on the monitor and it said
9.72 and tentatively I was in first place after only four other
competitors. There were still many competitors behind me. It was
actually more nerve racking after my performance because each score
after mine could have potentially bumped me down. After all the
competitors had gone, “Alfred Hsing” was still 1st on the monitor. I
was relieved and excited that I had accomplished it. After
accomplishing such a goal, I realize what the saying “It’s not the
destination, it’s the journey” means.

You were selected to the C team in 2007. Do you feel that anything changed
(your training, your attitude, etc.) between then and now to enable you to
progress to the point where you could win a gold medal at the worlds?

Not too much really changed with how I train. It was more about
preparedness. I tried out in 2003 and did not make the team and after
that I almost gave up. Also I became really busy with college and
work. I basically stopped training and competing until 2006 when I
noticed a lot of people I knew continued to advance in wushu. My
hunger to make the US team and compete at worlds never died. I trained
really hard from 2006-2007 which allowed me to catch back up to a top
level US standard, but still it wasn’t enough. I was at a crossroads-
get back to reality and focus on my career or risk my corporate job
and focus on wushu for another 2 years. I chose wushu. Instead of
giving up, my hunger to make the team only grew. Failing to make the
“A” team in 2007 infuriated me to the point that I vowed I would be so
much better that there would be no doubt I would make the A team at
the next team trials. I went to a lot more competitions, got more
experience, and made sure to fix all my mistakes from 2007. By the
time 2009 rolled around I was a lot more confident because I prepared
off the competition carpet. I think since I wasn’t willing to settle
and I made a point in my practices to not make a single mistake that
the training carried over to my results at worlds games as well.

What memories do you have of the championships? The city? The rest of the
team (other athletes, officials)? The organizers? The venue?

I am going to have great memories of my trip to Toronto, Canada for
the 10th World Wushu Championships, not just because of the victory in
my competition but because of all the interlaced positive memories I
have had in the city. It just so happened that along with bringing
home a good score, I also had great teammates that all got along, a
good roommate on the trip, a venue in Toronto that was close enough
for my parents and friends to come watch, and so on. I was very
honored that I had the fortune of having my parents there witnessing
such an important moment in my life. I also met great people from
around the world and ran into international friends that I had trained
with from abroad. I have not been to past World Championships so I can
not compare, but the organizing committee aimed to be as professional
and organized as possible. I want to thank everyone who was involved
in the event, my US wushu teammates for being awesome, my parents for
all their help and support, and all coaches far and near who have
given me advice and help whether it was for a day or for many years.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

-Alfred Hsing

*you can see more clips of alfred at his personal website

Wushu Inspiration – Good Wushu Pump Up Video

Monday, September 28th, 2009

It’s good to watch some wushu videos and wushu compilations when you need to get pumped up for training.


Song is by Story of the Year – Until the Die I Die

China Wushu Broadsword and Wushu Staff form during Beijing Wushu Team Training

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Brought to you exclusively from

2 wushu videos from the beijing wushu team training for China Wushu Competition Pre-qualifiers. These were recorded during my trip to China to train with the team in 2009.

Enjoy the wushu broadsword and wushu staff form!

Wushu Success and Business Success. Learn Business Through 5 Wushu Training Tips.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Article by: Alfred Hsing (Current US Wushu Team Member)
Date Posted: August 2, 2009

I was just thinking about how success in wushu works the same way as success in business. I was asking myself why my wushu training has been pretty effective, but my results in business have been mediocre and if I was doing anything different. I found out some astonishing results because the way I train is how I should act for my business – For my businesses it is still something I have to work on.

Let me take a trip through how I train wushu and how I got to be a top level us wushu athlete and how that correlates to starting up your own successful business.

1) I always stay focused when training and more specifically whenever I am on the carpet I give my form my full attention.

In other words in business, don’t be working yet on google chat or facebook. Working a highly focused and productive 4 hours is much more valuable than a 10 hour day where you were on your phone and AIM, etc.

2) I trained in China with the Beijing wushu team multiple times.

Aside from the hardcore physical training what makes training in China with one of the top professional teams so valuable? You get advice from proven champions and you train in professional facilities that are conducive to attaining the results you desire.

If you have a start up business where you can work from home, don’t work on your couch, then watch tv on the couch later, then eat a tv dinner on the couch even later. It is important to put yourself in an environment that is conducive to productivity. Even if you dont have to go to an “office” it would be good to set aside a part of your house where you only do work. It would be wise to get equipment that is conducive to increased efficiency. In china they train on quality wushu carpets, replace their shoes and weapons when they are broken, and have a gym with equipment that works out the appropriate muscles. Well, the same goes for business. Have the tools you need to perform optimally.

Also, surround yourself around people who are getting the results you want. In china everyone can do a 720 inside kick. They must know how to do it if they are all doing it so it would be wise to follow their advice. Also by virtue of hanging around it pushes you more and makes you realize it is easily attainable. A good environment motivates you as opposed to slowing you down.

3) I focus on nailing one difficulty before moving on to the next. When I train I have a goal of a move that I want to perfect and then I will really focus on just getting that one thing every time until I get it proficient where I don’t have to think about it.. then I move on.

Same goes in business. Get one area of your business solid then focus on other areas. Right now I am all over the place with various ideas. I’ve known that I need to focus on one business or else I am spreading myself thin. Find one thing for your business to improve on, nail it, then focus on other areas. For example in online business, being number 1 on google seach rankings would be much better than having 3 sites on page 3 of google search rankings.

4) I train 3 hours a day for 6 days a week. (In china its more like 6 hours a day.)

I guess with this its just about being consistent and training more than the next guy. I guess this is self explanatory. If you equally work hard and smart, if you work MORE then you will advance faster.

5) Get rest! Physically your body needs rest and nutrients to maintain and improve faster.

I sorta fail on this one because I usually dont sleep enough, but fortunately I did get light injuries from time to time that sort of forced me to stop training or stop training hard. This would probably be my bodies way of saying, hey it’s time to relax a bit. Taking breaks from hardcore training prevents you from getting burnt out and wanting to quit. If you work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 years in a row, you will probably be tired. Point is, its good to work hard, but rest and even short vacations where you clear your mind are important. They help rejuvenate you and make you feel even more charged up after you get your rest.