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SanShou – A Look at this modern Chinese Kick Boxing (also called san da)

Friday, January 29th, 2010
San Shou aka San Da

San Shou

We all know about MMA, karate, and some of the other dominant fighting styles in the UFC. American stand up game is usually composed of boxing or muay thai. Some fighters like Lyoto Machida and GSP George “Rush” St. Pierre are more precise with their style of martial arts which is karate… but how many of you have heard of San Shou?

San shou also known as “san da” is a modern form of Chinese Kick Boxing. “San” means to evade while “da” means to hit or attack. Tournament rules vary, but usually for San shou full contact elbows, punches, kicks, and takedowns are allowed.

Below is a sampler compilation video of San Shou at the 2003 World Wushu Championships which hosts both wushu fighting and forms competition. Cung Le, a rising martial arts action star and former Strikforce champion, is one of the poster boys for San Shou in the MMA world. He also went to a few World Wushu Championships as both an athlete and team leader.

I hope after watching the video that at least people can be aware of one more style of striking out there besides boxing and muay thai. This introduction to san shou is not saying that one martial arts style is better, but just that there are techniques to be learned in all these styles. Ordering Budosaga Shoes this January! Start off your 2010 new year with custom wushu competition shoes today!

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

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These are the shoes that most athletes including myself compete in.. and they are comfortable for training. Once you wear them you will probably know what I mean. They are made of leather, lighter than feiyues, and slap louder.

They don’t really sell them in most places and most people who have them bring them back from China. We are making an order this week so if there are any custom colors (ie: red/gold, white/gold, white/silver, black/silver, white/white – those are your main choices) that you want you can go according to your feiyue shoe size order them on the website on the link above. You can put in the note section if you want any custom color that is not listed as an option. Red and gold is my favorite color combo.

I personally really like these shoes for both wushu training and competition and just wanted to let you all know so if you wanted custom colored shoes to match your competition silks now is a good time to get them. Make a fresh start to your new year of 2010 wushu training!

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Alfred Hsing
2009 World Wushu Champion

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