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China’s Changquan Representative for the 10th WWC Wushu World Championships

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Here is Yang Yu Hong from the Shanghai wushu team at a 2007 pre qualifier.

I hear he is competing for China at the Wushu World Games.

What do you guys think of Yang Yu Hong, Zhao Qing Jian, and Yuan Xiao Chao?

US Wushu Team Taolu and Sanshou Wikipedia Page

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

In an attempt to organize and easily be able to look back at the accomplishments of the past and present US National Wushu Team members (Taolu and Sanshou) has created a wikipedia page here – so that we can combine our knowledge and information to havea comprehensive list of US Wushu Team members and other relevant information. Jiayou all!

2009-2011 US National Taolu Teams
Men’s Team
Alfred Hsing, Peter Dang, Colvin Wang, Max Ehrlich, Alan Zhao
Phillip Dang, Michael Tsai, Donovan, Hui, William Chen, Jian Wei Bench
Chase White, Eugene Moy, Stephon Morton, Jason Liu, Matthew Tay

Women’s Team
Sarah Chang, Joana Pei, Ashley Chung, Stephanie Lim, Elaine Ho
Brenda Hatley, Claudine Tran, Tiffany Reyes, Melissa Yu, Tiffany Wang
Kelly Kim, Jessica Shyy, Samantha Tsen, Karlee Yong, Isabelle Ju

2009 Wushu Sanshou Team Members
Men’s Team
56 kg: J.R. Ridge
60 kg: Josh Simpson
65 kg: Michael Lee
70 kg: Maximillion Chen
80 kg: Alex Cisne
85 kg: Gary Chandler
90 kg: Kasey Corless

Women’s Team
52 kg: Sonia Menjia

2007 US Wushu Team
Men’s Team
Colvin Wang, Collin Lee, Adam Margalit, Peter Dang Dennis Ta
Dennis Shyu, Phillip Dang, Max Ehrlich, Lucas Geller, Michael Tsai
Alex Whitlow, Alfred Hsing, Zach Caruso, Rolando Lee, Charles Hwong

Women’s Team
Sarah Chang, Tenyia Lee, Ngan-Ha Ta, Rachel Margalit, Tiffany Reyes
Joana Pei, Ashley Chung, Claudine Tran, Fifi Zhang, Diana Pei
Teresa Wong, Stephanie Lim, Brenda Hatley, Jennifer Sun, Samantha Tsen

2005 US Wushu Team
Men’s Team
Chris Sexton, Stephan Morton, Jason Lui, Zach Caruso, Philip Dang,
Peter Dang, Colvin Wang, Peter Wolf, Ching-Yin Lee, Collin Lee,
Nick Spencer, Jonathan Chung, Brandon Sugiyama, Dennis Shyu, Jason Liu.

Women’s Team
Jessica Zhang, Sarah Chang, Ngau-Hu Ta, Tiffany Reyes, Joana Pei,
Tenyia Lee, Catherine Archer, Felicia Zhang, Diana Pei, Ashley Chung,
Tencia Lee, Victoria Huang, Mei Chiu, Stephanie Lim, Teresa Wong.

2003 US Wushu Team
Men’s Team
Jason Lui, Stephan Morton, Justin Ma, D.Y. Sao, Arthur Chen, Ching-Yin Lee,
Alex Huyng, Joe Scarcella, Brandon Sugiyama, Rizgi Rachmat, Nadir Yahya, Phillip Dang.

Women’s Team
Cheri Haight, Jessica Zhang, Deborah Yang, Felicia Zhang, Sarah Chang, Jennifer Haight,
Dary Sao, Catherine Archer, Lui Guojing, Diana Pei, Tiffany Reyes, Janice Yeung.

1988 US Wushu Team
Team Leader Steve Rhodes
Team Coach: Zhang, Guifeng
Team Members: Kathy L Andrew Foster Pat Rice
Nick Gracenin Patrick Kelly Kenny Perez
Phillip Wong Duck Luu

1986 US Wushu Team
Team Leaders Christopher Pei Bryant Fong
Team Coach: Zhang, Guifeng
Team Members: Caesar Britten Nick Gracenin Kenny Perez
Greg Walraven Phillip Wong Steve Rhodes
John “Randy” Hegstad

1985 US Wushu Team
Team Leader Tai Yan
Team Coach: Zhang, Guifeng
Team Members: Jeff Falcon Calvin Jones Nick Gracenin
Christopher Pei Hung Stewart Richard Vechiolla
Phillip Wong Christine Chi-ching Yen
Jennifer Hewitt

Wushu Inspiration – Good Wushu Pump Up Video

Monday, September 28th, 2009

It’s good to watch some wushu videos and wushu compilations when you need to get pumped up for training.


Song is by Story of the Year – Until the Die I Die

Anderson Silva Taps Out – plus Cung Le Scissor Kicks

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Anderson Silva Taps out from a flying scissor heel hook.

Maybe Cung Le could also pull this off on him.

Anyways, I have huge respect for Anderson Silva who is a great martial artist, which is why it’s impressive to see footage of him tapping out.

While we are at it. Here is a good clip of Wushu Sanshou pride of San Jose, Ca Cung Le displaying some impressive scissor kicks.

Season 2 of Deadliest Warrior sneak peak: Deadliest Warrior Season 2 matchups!

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Deadliest Warrior Season 2

Deadliest Warrior Season 2


Here are some potential match ups, though I don’t think the complete line up is OFFICIALLY released.

Here are the Deadliest Warrior Season 2 match ups or types of fighters involved:

(Update 10/9/09: List kindly asked to be removed so that the network can be the ones to officially release the info.) Please check for updates on Deadliest Warrior 2 info!

All I can say is that I am excited for season 2 of Deadliest Warrior! I am sure it will be bigger and badder.

Listed contributed by authors at - you can find martial arts related weapons seen on the deadliest warrior at

Share your thoughts on these fighters and who might get matched up with who!