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Epic Wushu Displayed in the Movie “Wushu” – Just watch!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This clip runs through the various major events and weapons in professional wushu competitions.

Check it out!

This is a movie with Sammo Hung produced by Jackie Chan.

The weapons they use include spear (qiang in chinese), straight sword (jian), staff or cudgel (gun), and open hands in the fight set (dui lian).

How to Become a Ninja Warrior!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior

Divided into four extreme stages, 100 competitors face the ultimate test of strength and will in their quest to become champion. Many are called. Few are chosen. Who’s tough enough to become the next Ninja Warrior!

The show Ninja Warrior will be looking for their next Ninja Warrior this Saturday and Sunday August 29th and 30th.

What are the steps YOU should take to become the next NINJA WARRIOR?!

1) Grip – As we know ninjas need a lot of grip strength for scaling walls and climbing rope. Definitely hone your grip strength.

2) Speed – A lot of the tests are timed and in the battle field when you need to be stealthy you need to have speed.

3) Agility – Be limber, nimble, and agile! A ninjas ability to flip into and out of hiding along with their crazy ninjitsu and other martial arts training make them excellent spies and assassins! On the contest you will have to be able to jump side to side, up and down, left and right, and maintain a good sense of balance each part of the way.

4) Ninja! – Be a ninja. Think like a ninja. Act like a ninja! That is the only way you can be a true ninja warrior! The show Ninja Warrior brings out the determination and true strength in people by pushing you to your physical and mental limit!


Wushu Success and Business Success. Learn Business Through 5 Wushu Training Tips.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Article by: Alfred Hsing (Current US Wushu Team Member)
Date Posted: August 2, 2009

I was just thinking about how success in wushu works the same way as success in business. I was asking myself why my wushu training has been pretty effective, but my results in business have been mediocre and if I was doing anything different. I found out some astonishing results because the way I train is how I should act for my business – For my businesses it is still something I have to work on.

Let me take a trip through how I train wushu and how I got to be a top level us wushu athlete and how that correlates to starting up your own successful business.

1) I always stay focused when training and more specifically whenever I am on the carpet I give my form my full attention.

In other words in business, don’t be working yet on google chat or facebook. Working a highly focused and productive 4 hours is much more valuable than a 10 hour day where you were on your phone and AIM, etc.

2) I trained in China with the Beijing wushu team multiple times.

Aside from the hardcore physical training what makes training in China with one of the top professional teams so valuable? You get advice from proven champions and you train in professional facilities that are conducive to attaining the results you desire.

If you have a start up business where you can work from home, don’t work on your couch, then watch tv on the couch later, then eat a tv dinner on the couch even later. It is important to put yourself in an environment that is conducive to productivity. Even if you dont have to go to an “office” it would be good to set aside a part of your house where you only do work. It would be wise to get equipment that is conducive to increased efficiency. In china they train on quality wushu carpets, replace their shoes and weapons when they are broken, and have a gym with equipment that works out the appropriate muscles. Well, the same goes for business. Have the tools you need to perform optimally.

Also, surround yourself around people who are getting the results you want. In china everyone can do a 720 inside kick. They must know how to do it if they are all doing it so it would be wise to follow their advice. Also by virtue of hanging around it pushes you more and makes you realize it is easily attainable. A good environment motivates you as opposed to slowing you down.

3) I focus on nailing one difficulty before moving on to the next. When I train I have a goal of a move that I want to perfect and then I will really focus on just getting that one thing every time until I get it proficient where I don’t have to think about it.. then I move on.

Same goes in business. Get one area of your business solid then focus on other areas. Right now I am all over the place with various ideas. I’ve known that I need to focus on one business or else I am spreading myself thin. Find one thing for your business to improve on, nail it, then focus on other areas. For example in online business, being number 1 on google seach rankings would be much better than having 3 sites on page 3 of google search rankings.

4) I train 3 hours a day for 6 days a week. (In china its more like 6 hours a day.)

I guess with this its just about being consistent and training more than the next guy. I guess this is self explanatory. If you equally work hard and smart, if you work MORE then you will advance faster.

5) Get rest! Physically your body needs rest and nutrients to maintain and improve faster.

I sorta fail on this one because I usually dont sleep enough, but fortunately I did get light injuries from time to time that sort of forced me to stop training or stop training hard. This would probably be my bodies way of saying, hey it’s time to relax a bit. Taking breaks from hardcore training prevents you from getting burnt out and wanting to quit. If you work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 years in a row, you will probably be tired. Point is, its good to work hard, but rest and even short vacations where you clear your mind are important. They help rejuvenate you and make you feel even more charged up after you get your rest.