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2009 US Wushu National Team Trials Results

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

This past weekend the 2009 USA National Wushu Team Trial Selection event just occurred. There was tough competition and emotions ran high as people poured years of training and dedication on to the solitary competition carpet which would attempt to capture years and years of sweat and effort in a 1 minute and 20 second form.

Results are in!

Here are the Team Results and National Rankings:

Men (A Team):
Max Ehrlich
Colvin Wang
Peter Dang
Alan Zhao
Alfred Hsing

Women (A Team):
Elaine Ho
Stephanie Lim
Ashley Chung
Sarah Chang
Joana Pei

Men (B Team):
Phil Dang
Mikey Tsai
Donovan Hui
William Chen
Jian Wei Bench

Women (B Team)
Brenda Hatley
Claudine Tran
Tiffany Reyes
Melissa Yu
Tiffany Wang

Men (C Team):
Chase White
Eugene Moy
Stephon Morton
Jason Liu
Matthew Tay

Women (C Team):
Emily Fan
Jessica Shyy
Samantha Tsen
Karlee Yong
Isabelle Ju

The top ten (A Team) will represent the U.S. and compete in the World Wushu Championships during October 2009 in Toronto, Canada. Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you to the tournament organizers/staff.

Individual Results:

Men’s Changquan
1. Alfred Hsing
2. Phillip Dang
3. Chase White

Women’s Changquan
1. Sarah Chang
2. Stephanie Lim
3. Claudia Tran

Men’s Nanquan
1. Max Ehrlich
2. William Chen
3. Jonathan Sun

Women’s Nanquan
1. Melissa Yu

Men’s Taijiquan
1. Alan Zhao
2. Alfred Hsing
3. Jian Wei Branch

Women’s Taijiquan
1. Elaine Ho
2. Tiffany Wang
3. Isabelle Ju

Men’s Broadsword
1. Peter Dang
2. Michael Tsai
3. Edward Kahana

Women’s Broadsword
1. Joana Pei
2. Claudia Tran
3. Stephanie Lim

Men’s Straightsword
1. Alfred Hsing
2. Phillip Dang
3. Colvin Wang

Women’s Straightsword
1. Sarah Chang
2. Brenda Hatley
3. Samantha Tsen

Men’s Southern Broadsword
1. Max Ehrlich
2. William Chen
3. Jason Liu

Women’s Southern Broadsword
1. Jessica Shyy
2. Melissa Yu

Men’s Taiji Straightsword
1. Allen Zhao
2. Alfred Hsing
3. Jian Wei Bench

Women’s Taiji Straightsword
1. Elaine Ho
2. Tiffany Wang
3. Samantha Tsen

Men’s Spear
1. Colvin Wang
2. Justin Yu
3. Alfred Hsing

Women’s Spear
1. Tiffany Reyes
2. Sarah Chang
3. Kelly Kim

Men’s Southern Staff
1. Max Ehrlich
2. William Chen
3. Simon Ho

Women’s Southern Staff
1. Melissa Yu

Men’s Staff
1. Dennis Ta
2. Peter Dang

Women’s Staff
1. Joana Pei
2. Stephanie Lim

Congratulations to all and keep up the hard work!

Think and Grow Rich ( in Martial Arts )

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Think and grow rich in.. speed, power, gold medals, etc.

Here is an underlying principle that will apply in all aspects of life- Just when you feel like giving up, DONT. Make sure to keep going and you will be sure to succeed.

It’s like I was told in cross country – “sprint up the hill, when others are walking” / “sprint passed the finish line, dont let up when you are 5 feet from the finish.”  If you follow these principles you will come out stronger and on top of your opponents.

In the last part of practice or competition everyone gets tired, but it is those who truck through and do not quit that succeed because it is right when you are getting hit the worst or feel most down on your luck that the prize you been fighting for is closest within reach.

Keep this in mind next time you feel exhausted and just fight through it a little bit longer and you will see what I am talking about.

Vitamins and Supplements for Martial Arts Training

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Here is a brief analysis of vitamins and supplements for martial arts training based off of experiences and analysis of results on other athletes.

Are vitamins and supplements essential to be a good martial artist and skilled at your craft? The answer is absolutely not. Can they be beneficial though? Yes, and let’s take a closer look into this.

Vitamins and supplements should be exactly that – supplemental to your diet and to your training. If you are just getting started in martial arts and do not do any other heavily strenuous sports activity such as running marathons, lifting 500lbs weights, etc. I would say that a simple multi-vitamin and a healthy diet would suffice. Vitamins in general can be good for us because even if we eat reasonably healthy meals we still may not get all the essential elements we need in our daily consumption. That being said, keep in mind to drink lots and lots of water.

Now I do believe for the professional/highly top 5-10% competitive level these added vitamins and nutrition can play a more important role. I am talking about people that train so much that (almost) no matter what they eat they will not gain weight and they burn off more than they consume. In these situations your body is breaking down and rebuilding muscle every day so getting high volumes of the appropriate proteins are neccessary. For these people I would recommend some sort of protein powder or drink along with multivitamins, l-glutamine, and msm/glucosomine at the very least.

In the end, most people can achieve most goals without supplements, but used in the right way, there is definitely added value in taking the right vitamins to boost your martial arts training results.