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Tiger Claw Shark City Nationals Tournament – June 12th!

Tiger Claw Kung Fu Magazine Tournament

Tiger Claw Kung Fu Magazine Tournament

  • Over 200+ Traditional Kung Fu and Contemporary Wushu Divisions
  • 24 Separate Chinese Martial Arts Grand Champion Divisions for Chinese Styles
  • Over $15,000 in CASH & AWARDS
  • Prize money given to all Overall Adult Advanced Grand Champions
  • Over 50+ Grand Champion Divisions
  • 6ft Trophies to all first place winners in all BASKA Divisions
  • 1st through 8th places awards in all divisions
  • First timer divisions for inexperienced Sport Karate, Kung Fu and Wushu athletes – all first timer division competitors receive participation trophies
  • More than 350+ kata, sparring, weapon and self defense divisions
    The Coveted Italian Silver Cups!
    13- Overall Forms
    14-17 Overall Forms
    18 + Overall Forms
    18+ Overall Women Fighting
    18+ Overall Men Fighting

On Saturday, June 12th, 2010, KungFuMagazine.com, will be holding their second annual championship. They have many new exciting changes for this year. They are adding new divisions for Wing Chun and Tai Chi Push Hands. They are planning separate Grand Champions for modern wushu and traditional kung fu to encourage more traditional competitors. As we are cooperating with Tiger Claw and Shark City Nationals again, this tournament will showcase both Chinese Martial Arts and Karate. They will be separating the Grand Champions for these arts this year instead of combining them. Chinese style competitors will be able to compete with the Karate competitors and in their new WildAid Tiger Champion division. This special division promotes WildAid’s campaign to save wild tigers

Shark City Nationals is part of the Bay Area Sport Karate Association (BASKA) and is promoted by Tony and Theresa Kattengell. This historic cooperative event offers Cash Awards, Custom Grand Champion Trophies, Special First Time Competitors Divisions and of course magazine coverage.

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2009 US Wushu National Team Trials Results

USA National Wushu Team Trial Selection event just occurred. There was tough competition and emotions ran high as people poured years of training and dedication on to the solitary competition carpet which would attempt to capture years and years of sweat and effort in a 1 minute and 20 second form.

Results are in!

Here are the Team Results an


Wushu competition to enhance ties in Asia Pacific

EXPONENTS from three wushu academies in the Asia-Pacific region gathered for the inaugural HYJ Academy of Wushu Competition at the Sports Arena in Wisma OCM, Kuala Lumpur recently.

The exponents, from HYJ Academy of Wushu of Singapore, HYJ Academy of Tai Ji and Wushu of Australia and HYJ Academy of Wushu of Malaysia, took part in a variety of categories during the one-day competition that was held in the spirit of fostering ties.