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Shaolin Monk vs Maori Episode re-aired last night. Deadliest Warrior Aftermath here at WushuKicks!

So I was texted by a few friends letting me know that the episode of Deadliest Warrior that I was in aired again last night.

I thought that I would go ahead and post the aftermath clip here so that it would convenient for you guys to find and go ahead and comment on any Deadliest Warrior comments you had.


Chinese Wushu – External and Internal

Wushu, known in the West as Kungfu, is a kind of Chinese traditional sport characterized by various barehanded and armed combat techniques. Wushu exercises consist of both “external” and “internal” work, the former meaning movements of the body while the latter being related to the spirits. The two aspects are combined as movements are guided by consciousness so as to achieve a unity of body and mind. Thus, constant practice of wushu helps not only to strength muscles and bones, but also to regulate the central nervous system and improve the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory functions.