Japans still got it – Wushu over-played in movies?

Why does every person I’ve ever met who does wushu want to in some way be famous?

Well let’s break it down.

First off, people who practice wushu have discarded most japanese and korean martial arts from consideration, because the former two are not as aesthetic visually. Many students of Tae Kwon Do adopt the practiceds of wushu now, and Tae kwon do is already one of the most showboat martial arts out there.

Second, like Tae Kwon Do, wushu is a performance art and there for perhaps only its traditional roots had meaning for real application. At least tae kwon do kicks in the most basic form are useful. Now im not talking about san shou at all. I’m talking about forms.

Third, the number one athlete in China right now, who has won the most recent international competitions also…wants to be a Jet Li. The recent winner of the Disciple does wushu. The newcomer Wu Jing does wushu. Where did all the japanese martial artists go. GSP did kiyokushin. Dulph Lungeron did it. Seagal did Aikido. I wanna see a Judo guy get big. I want to see Kempo come back in a big way. The only non japanese martial artist whose on a good track is Tony Jaa and even he recycles moves from Ong Bak still, not to mention he’s only been in 2 movies. Donnie Yen showcased some BJJ in his past 2 movies before Yip Man. Besides that it’s been Never Back Down, and that movie’s only thing it had going for it was Dijmon Hounsou.

Japanese culture came in strong, but now it has to be prematurely revived. Bruce Lee films and the current release of Yip Man based film defame the Japanese, but in my opinion, if you’re not Bruce and you do wushu, go up against a Kiyokushin guy, 50 dollars says you get knocked out in less than 5 hits.

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