How To Butterfly Twist

Hey Guys! I want to give you some exclusive tips on getting and landing that butterfly twist. People have always liked the butterfly twist, sometimes referred to as btwist or 360 twist, so I am going to pass on some knowledge so you can begin to attempt this move.

Butterfly Twist at a UCLA Demo

Obviously exercise caution when you attempt any difficult martial arts moves and use safety and judgment over all else!

So let me begin with a YouTube clip you may have seen if you searched “How to Butterfly Twist” or “Butterfly Twist Tutorial” -

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I made this quick tutorial at UCLA Wooden Gym a while back and then posted it on youtube. I had no idea that such a quick clip that I shot would reach over 100,000 people. I think because I was rushing to go home (shot this on the way out after a long workout) I made it very short and to the point which people like.

Anyways, here is a SECOND how to butterfly twist that is also on youtube, but it was shot by the folks at Expert Village. ExpertVillage liked my YouTube How To Twist clip so much that they actually wanted me to be an “Expert” at expertvillage.. so in the interest of getting a more complete tutorial I accepted to make the clips.

There’s actually a whole bunch of clips that overlap and are drawn out, but it is because they wanted it to be VERY comprehensive. In any case, today I will post the money clip that I think they shot so you wont have to sift through all these searches to find it.

This clip has the butterfly twist in all different angles and is a bit more comprehensive so I think it will help if you watch this in addition to the other clip.

Here is the direct link –

So now that you have seen both those clips. The additional tip I want to give you is something that I just figured out recently. Sometimes I do it unconsciously and sometimes I don’t but when you tighten your back muscles in the air during the twist it helps for a higher, cleaner, faster, and smoother looking twist. I have a few more tips on how to get extra height without using extra leg strength that I will write up when I have more time. Check back for those updates!

Hope this was helpful. Practice hard and be safe!


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