Hiroyuki Sanada: The only Asian man to fight Jackie Chan and almost win AND beat up Tom Cruise

The most unknown martial arts practitioner in the Hollywood circle. Orphanned at age 11, Sanada trained in kemp and kiyokushinkai, and also in kendo. In the 70s the famous Sonny Chiba opened the first Japanese stunt school, and took Sanada in as his own. At age 18 Sanada is in his first movie along side Chba and went on to do many other Japanese action films and TV series. He broke into the American market with Ed Zwick’s Last Samurai . He believes that with the making of Last Samurai it broke down barriers between Asia and America. He also says that he believes that even within Asia there are mini barriers between, say Japan and China. This is why he is now starring in a Chinese movie called The Promise, where he plays a Chinese general involved in a love triangle.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of Hiroyuki’s rise into a more popular circle which can afford him more interesting opportunities to display his skillset.

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