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New Mooto Backpacks! Mooto Backpack Review

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The Mooto Sport 540 Backpack is one of the best backpacks for martial arts gear, fitness, and training. It has pockets for everything from water bottles to sparring gear. The backpack comes with a protective high quality water proof case (in a compartment in the bottom of the backpack) for rainy days even! You just slip it on over the backpack.


What are the Best Wushu Shoes?

Feiyue wushu shoes – the most common and well known shoes for general training for wushu athletes. The feiyue shoes provide the best overall value for a martial arts shoe because it has the highest combined effect of comfort, cushioning, affordability, and durability. A lot of people wear this shoe for kung fu, shaolin, wushu, and parkour / free running training.