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Taiji Zen to Promote Tai Chi Principles to the World

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Paying Respects to Tai Chi elders in Handan

Paying Respects to Tai Chi elders in Handan

Filmmaking is just a hobby now, says kungfu star Jet Li, who is spending more time on his charity and on promoting martial arts.

He has turned down three films in 2011, including an American one, Li says at the premiere of his latest film, [The Sorcerer and the White Snake], a fantasy flick based on a Chinese folktale about the romance between a man and a snake fairy.

He plays a kungfu monk in the film, which will be released on Sept 28.

The 48-year-old, while running his charity institution One Foundation, will soon start a company to promote tai chi with Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma. Alibaba is one of the largest online commerce platforms in China.

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Tai Chi promotes Health and Happiness

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

I wanted to share some commentary on a post from the New York Times. First take a look at the article:

“A downside to Tai Chi? None that I see”

The graceful, dancelike progression of meditative poses called tai chi originated in ancient China as a martial art, but the exercise is best known in modern times as a route to reduced stress and enhanced health.

After reviewing existing scientific evidence for its potential health benefits, I’ve concluded that the proper question to ask yourself may not be why you should practice tai chi, but why not.

It is a low-impact activity suitable for people of all ages and most states of health, even those who “hate” exercise or have long been sedentary. It is a gentle, calming exercise — some call it meditation in motion — that involves deep breathing but no sweat or breathlessness.

It places minimal stress on joints and muscles and thus is far less likely than other forms of exercise to cause muscle soreness or injury. It requires no special equipment or clothing and can be practiced almost anywhere at any time, alone or with others.

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US Wushu Team competes at 2010 Sport Accord Combat Games

Aug 28 Changquan Alfred Combat Games Wushu Competition

Aug 28 Changquan Alfred Combat Games Competition

The US and Canada national teams were in attendance at the 2010 sport accord combat games held in Beijing China among many other countries such as Russia, China, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Japan. The US Team sent veteran wushu athletes Sarah Chang, Peter Dang, and Alfred Hsing.

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Tiger Claw Shark City Nationals Tournament – June 12th!

Tiger Claw Kung Fu Magazine Tournament

Tiger Claw Kung Fu Magazine Tournament

  • Over 200+ Traditional Kung Fu and Contemporary Wushu Divisions
  • 24 Separate Chinese Martial Arts Grand Champion Divisions for Chinese Styles
  • Over $15,000 in CASH & AWARDS
  • Prize money given to all Overall Adult Advanced Grand Champions
  • Over 50+ Grand Champion Divisions
  • 6ft Trophies to all first place winners in all BASKA Divisions
  • 1st through 8th places awards in all divisions
  • First timer divisions for inexperienced Sport Karate, Kung Fu and Wushu athletes – all first timer division competitors receive participation trophies
  • More than 350+ kata, sparring, weapon and self defense divisions
    The Coveted Italian Silver Cups!
    13- Overall Forms
    14-17 Overall Forms
    18 + Overall Forms
    18+ Overall Women Fighting
    18+ Overall Men Fighting

On Saturday, June 12th, 2010,, will be holding their second annual championship. They have many new exciting changes for this year. They are adding new divisions for Wing Chun and Tai Chi Push Hands. They are planning separate Grand Champions for modern wushu and traditional kung fu to encourage more traditional competitors. As we are cooperating with Tiger Claw and Shark City Nationals again, this tournament will showcase both Chinese Martial Arts and Karate. They will be separating the Grand Champions for these arts this year instead of combining them. Chinese style competitors will be able to compete with the Karate competitors and in their new WildAid Tiger Champion division. This special division promotes WildAid’s campaign to save wild tigers

Shark City Nationals is part of the Bay Area Sport Karate Association (BASKA) and is promoted by Tony and Theresa Kattengell. This historic cooperative event offers Cash Awards, Custom Grand Champion Trophies, Special First Time Competitors Divisions and of course magazine coverage.

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Cung Le Interview Discusses Rematch Fight with Scott Smith and Fighting Donnie Yen

Cung Le

Cung Le

May 6, 2010.
Cung Le Interview by

Last Thursday I had the privilege and honor to chat with former US Wushu Team member, former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, and current actor/action star CUNG LE.

Cung is an amazing martial artist, but he has also excelled above and beyond in other areas as well. In business – he started his own martial arts school and brand (USH!). In martial arts – he was a medalist at the world wushu championships, he won the middleweight champion title in strikeforce, and he has won countless tournaments in various styles of martial arts. In entertainment – he has worked with action star Donnie Yen and is going to be in the upcoming Hollywood film “Tekken”.

To see Cung in action check out this highlight reel.

Cung has been an inspiration in the chinese martial arts community in more ways than one. To top it off he has helped promote Asian Americans in a positive light AND he is an EXTREMELY humble guy. For a guy that could throw you upside down on top of your head, he carries himself in a very calm and respectable manner – as you would expect of a disciplined martial artist.

Now to the interview! He was in town in LA to promote his recent movie “Bodyguards and Assassins“. This is a movie that was released in Asia, but it was playing at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. I interviewed him for the Pacific Rim Video Channel. In our interview he talks about what it was like working with Donnie Yen, his thoughts on wushu/sanshou in MMA, and his strategy on his rematch with opponent Scott Smith scheduled to fight June 26, 2010! Continue reading