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What are your goals for wushu? after wushu? in-between your wushu career?
Perhaps now goals are hitting that 720 splits or placing 1st at Worlds. Maybe later on it’s getting into stunts and films? opening a wushu school or coaching? enjoying your old videos and being happy doing another occupation? Ordering Budosaga Shoes this January! Start off your 2010 new year with custom wushu competition shoes today!

These are the shoes that most athletes including myself compete in.. and they are comfortable for training. Once you wear them you will probably know what I mean. They are made of leather, lighter than feiyues, and slap louder.

They don’t really sell them in most places and most people who have them bring them back from China. We are making an order this week so if there are any custom colors (ie: red/gold, white/gold, white/silver, black/silver, white/white – those are your main choices) that you want you can go according to your feiyue shoe size order them on the website on the link above.


WushuKicks Exclusive Interview with Alfred Hsing World Wushu Championships Gold Medalist

These are the full responses to interview questions for Alfred Hsing (First US Wushu Taolu Gold Medalist at the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto, Canada) posed by Kung Fu Magazine in Q & A form exclusive at


US Wushu Team Taolu and Sanshou Wikipedia Page

In an attempt to organize and easily be able to look back at the accomplishments of the past and present US National Wushu Team members (Taolu and Sanshou) has created a wikipedia page here –